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In the summer of 2002, for the first time in 16 years and after a long struggle, we could enjoy long distance swimming legally in the most beautiful, easily accessed lake in southern NY state.

Lake Minnewaska with its clear, clean water and dramatic, sheer cliffs has once again become a prime destination for recreational swimmers.

This program which greatly enhances the swimming choices at Lake Minnewaska is an exciting opportunity which our web site is dedicated to helping you enjoy.

Members of MDSA who pass the swim test are allowed to swim with a buddy from the Distance Swimmers Beach in a large area around a 200 yard buoyed line.

To be part of this experience visit the Joining MDSA page.

The 2022 MDSA swim season will open Saturday June 18th and, as happened last season, our swim season may be extended 4 days beyond Labor Day, ending Friday September 9th.
2022 swim ability tests start on June 11th; the swim test schedule and information are under the tab "Join MDSA & Apply Online."