New York State
Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Bernadette Castro

George E. Pataki
Commissioner Governor

November 20,2002
Ms. Judy Mage
171 Huguenot Street
New Paltz, New York 12561
Dear Ms. Mage:

Thank you for sharing with me the Minnewaska Distance Swimmers Association’s End of the Season Report on the lap-swimming program at Minnewaska State Park. By all accounts, the pilot program has been a success and will be once again permitted next season. I understand that your organization recently met with Deputy Commissioner Julia Stokes and other staff from the Agency to iron out the details for next year’s program

I am impressed by MDSA’s ability to test and administer this program to so many people, and I was equally impressed by the ability of MDSA and Park staff, particularly Tom Cobb, to work together to address any issue that arose during the course of the season. This program highlights the advantages of partnering with an organization, such as MDSA, to bring about positive changes for the recreating public.

I am pleased that the Agency was able to accommodate this novel program and open up more opportunities for the public to enjoy the beauty and natural resources of Minnewaska State Park. I look forward to building upon the positive relationships already established to improve the program for next year.

Most Sincerely,

Bernadette Castro
Historic Preservation Officer